Why Incident Reports Should Be Completed

This article will address the five critical reasons why completing incident reports within an organization is beneficial to the organization and the individuals within it. Incidents at work happen all the time. And a progressive operation documents each and every incident in accordance with the health and safety policy they have implemented. But why should […]

Incident Report Vs. Accident Report – Differences For Business

Examining the differences between incident reports and accident reports by defining each’s meaning to today’s business. Every day, it seems there are more and more files, forms, passwords, and reports than ever before in history. These are truly unprecedented times. And in all the confusion, sometimes a little further clarification can make all the difference […]

Achieving Ideal Work Environments: 8 Crucial Safety Tips for the Workplace

Businesses have never been more interested in implementing safety precautions for workplace than the present unprecedented times. Today, an increasing number of organizations are adopting technology to ensure workplace safety for their staff members, vendors, and customers. It helps them eliminate outlining policies and safety processes on paper that get stacked up and shelved without […]

Correct Format for an Incident Report

An incident report is an official record of the incidents, near miss, accidents, and events at the workplace. Timely and well-recorded incident reports may help an organization identify the cause of incidences and prevent future occurrences. Every incident reporting form should be tailored to enable easy reporting while obtaining the most relevant details. Therefore, whenever […]

A-Z’s of Security Incident Reporting

What is a Security Incident? To understand security incident reporting we must first define what a security incident is. Although the most basic definition of a security incident is “an intrusion or attempted intrusion”, organizations define the term security incident depending on the importance of security to their specific industry. A security incident implies/requires unauthorized […]