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1st Incident Reporting

Fast, Secure, Reliable Incident Reporting

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Incidents, Inspections and Assessments

Generate actionable reports of field events and damage quickly and securely with the 1st incident app. Keep your company at the forefront of the safety movement and customize your experience with a flexible UX design.

Work Safety

Stay connected to your hub with live reports from site to central.

Inspection / Audit

Receive on the spot analysis reporting for immediate documentation.

Near Miss

Provide valuable safety updates and avoid d potentially dangerous accidents.


Send damage reports for immediate action and resolve issues faster.


Facilitate Your Workflow


1st Incident Reporting is a portable reporting software that’s accessible from any device. Make it part of your tool belt and stay on top of your work site.


1st works with teams by customizing individual site needs and streamlining safety procedures. No work site is the same, 1st Incident Reporting keeps that in mind.

Easy to Use

Log in, report and send. 1st makes reporting fast and easy.  Tools to make your life easier shouldn’t be a chore to use, 1st‘s simple and responsive interface makes reporting easy.


Have questions? Our support team is available 24/7! By phone, email or social media, we can give you the help you need.

  • Notifications

  • Analytics

  • Reporting

  • Offline Support

  • Incident Designer

  • Admin Tools

1st has you covered


1st for Security

Keep your site secure with fast and easy reporting. Security requires a keen eye, constant updates and quick response. The 1stIncident Reporting app is the perfect tool to generate activity reports and send immediate actions to support teams in the event of an incident.

1st has everything to make security more effective by being a real-time, user-friendly tool that’s fully customizable.

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1st for Utilities

Big jobs require powerful tools. When utility companies build, move or maintain, keeping their site streamlined can make the difference between success and failure. For long-term jobs, having an adaptable app that can go where you go can make a job much easier.

1st Incident Reporting can empower your onsite technicians and keep the work force efficient, communicative and safe!

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1st for Construction

Construction sites can be hard to manage and even harder to streamline. Using 1st as a reporting tool keeps on-site teams efficient and reactive by giving them a hardline to their support teams. With real-time incident reporting, construction teams can save valuable time and avoid potential dangerous and costly problems down the line.

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1st for Municipalities

Municipal headquarters can now have instant access to reports from their teams and gain valuable insight on their town. From property damage and traffic updates to on-the-spot safety updates, 1st can streamline your entire municipality quickly and easily.

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