Incident Reporting Mobile Application

Simple, Fast, Secure capture and communication of incident details.


1ST allows users to quickly report the details of a field event or damage, including location, date/time, asset info, and attach multi-media files (pictures, audio, and video). The incident reporting mobile application generates a field incident or inspection report, which is automatically sent for confirmation and action by a specific department or operations personnel.

1ST facilitates the assessment process by providing comprehensive details, thus eliminating unnecessary site visits. Additionally, 1ST can transfer incident reports directly to existing enterprise systems, further streamlining the incident management process.

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Live Report is a dynamic solution that provides response teams with effective and efficient communications for monitoring, updates and reporting of ongoing incidents.

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1ST Dashboard provides a map view of incidents that have been submitted. These cannot be edited here but can be viewed by anyone with permission and can be filtered by incident type, creation date, status, person assigned to, or creator of incident. The dashboard provides both road map and earth views and can be set to automatically adjust to best map style as the zoom is applied. Additionally, the ability to add layers to the map view means that customer specific facility information can be layered on top of the map - providing a view of plant locations, substations, service territories or any assets with geographical data.

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Incident Entry

1ST's Incident Entry enables reporting of incidents from a mobile device. It comprises a menu of incident types to choose from, each with a slightly different purpose and business process, and can be designed to include requirements specific to that incident type. This customization of details in the data collection process results in improved quality of data. For desktop users, the web Incident Entry is identical to the mobile incident entry. 1ST's Incident Entry is very intuitive and easy to use, requiring very little user training.

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Incident Manager

The Incident Management tool is where Incidents are managed (by system administrators) and provides all the information of reported incidents in three different views; table view, map view and report view (details of reported incident). The user can easily navigate between the three views, apply different layers that will show assets with geographical data, and export the data from the table view to an excel spreadsheet with the click of a button - giving quick and easy reporting.

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Incident Designer

Incident Designer provides system administrators with the ability to create and modify incident types, and the fields specific to them as the need arises. This can be done on the fly, without the need for customization by the emAPP team - giving complete autonomy to custom design incidents to suit your purposes and business processes.

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At the heart of our
innovation is ACE.

The Power behind 1st’s mobile capabilities

Ace is the Engine behind the 1st Incident Reporting Mobile App. It powers 1st’s unique dynamic mobile capabilities and defines how data (exchanges) are structured. ACE can integrate with other systems and permits seamless offline capabilities.
ACE empowers 1st’s capture/exchange of data as well as the content of the app itself. It enables dynamic changes to the content of an incident report – giving authorized users the ability to add new fields to the report on the fly without the need to download a new version of the mobile application.
ACE permits 1st's complex and intelligent notifications and alerts. User groups can be specified and conditional notifications can be set. 1st can dynamically change who receives notifications based on information entered into the incident report. This means that people get notifications of only the incidents that they need know about - and are not inundated with irrelevant or duplicate notifications.
ACE facilitates the integration of 1st with existing enterprise systems by configuring the incident data from 1st to be compatible with the system’s required configuration. This ability to seamlessly connect to existing systems results in greater efficiencies in workflow and minimal disruptions to existing business processes. ACE permits seamless offline capabilities and provides users with updates on the status of their work.