Features & Benefits

1st Incident Reporting Mobile Application has been designed to include features that improve processes and facilitate workflow.


  • Information is automatically populated where possible (date, time, user, location)
  • 2-tier validation to reduce bad data
    • Change input for one field of info, and another field can change
    • Forced validation in fields (only allow #’s or letters, or specific inputs)
    • Input fields can change based on conditions (e.g. user, temperature, time of day etc.)
  • Create any type of incident or inspection report
  • Use any type of report sharing (text, email, cloud etc.)
  • Attach media (pictures, video, audio)
  • Connect directly to existing enterprise systems (for work order management, labor estimates, material requirements etc.)
  • Follow incidents or assign to specific departments or personnel
    • Automatic notifications are sent
  • GIS option available
    • Access legacy enterprise asset info directly from the map including: asset installation date, maintenance records etc.


  • Notifications sent only to appropriate personnel for incidents within their jurisdiction
  • Reduces response times to field incidents
  • Reduces duplicate incident reports
  • Reduces costs
  • Reduces errors/bad data and creates best practices for standard reporting procedures
  • Enables greater safety and faster response times
  • Simplifies and accelerates communications between departments and personnel
  • Easy to use; Intuitive