Features & Benefits

1st Incident Reporting Mobile Application has been designed to include features that improve processes and facilitate workflow.

Whether you’re tasked with keeping a building secure, the electricity flowing, a construction site safe, or a municipal department operating, things are bound to go wrong. Maybe there’s been a break-in on your watch, an outage, or a worker accident. Whatever the incident, you need tools that make it quick and easy to document the activity and generate actionable reports of field events and damage.

With the 1st Incident Reporting app, you get all that — and more. 1st Incident Reporting is a real-time, user-friendly tool that’s fully customizable, so you can generate the content you need to be effective, take fast action, and remedy a situation before it becomes a bigger problem.  

1st Incident Reporting gives you:

Customizable Incident Designer

No two industries or work sites are the same — so why be locked into a fixed selection of incident types or inspection reports? With 1st Incident Reporting’s built-in Incident Designer, you can create your own incidents on the fly, as you need them. This helps ensure that you’re reporting exactly what you need to, in exactly the format your business requires. No need to change your processes. You won’t have to keep additional notes to ensure that work gets done or that you’re complying with regulations.

 Multimedia Tools

Some things really do have to be seen (or heard) to be believed. To ensure that you capture everything required to fully document an inspection finding, damage, or other incident, 1st Incident Reporting gives you the ability to add audio, video, and still images to your reports. You won’t have to spend time drawing diagrams or trying to “paint a picture” of an incident; instead, you can just show everyone who needs to remedy the situation just what happened and what the problem looks like, so they can quickly address it.

Offline Capabilities

If you’re out in the field, chances are network connectivity may be flaky or non-existent. With 1st  Incident Reporting, out-of-range doesn’t have to mean out of touch. You can capture an incident from anywhere, at any time. Just enter it into the system, and when you’re back on the network or Internet, 1st Incident Reporting will automatically share your report. This helps eliminate redundant work and reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to field incidents.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Use whatever device you prefer — it’s all the same to 1st Incident Reporting. You can quickly create any type of incident or inspection report from your laptop, iPhone, Android device, or tablet, with no training required. Then, you can share via text, email, the cloud, or through your existing enterprise systems. It’s just that intuitive.

With 1st Incident Reporting, you get a powerful tool that’s easy and intuitive to use, so you can:

  • Reduce incident response time
  • Reduce duplicate incident reports
  • Improve safety
  • Simplify inter-department communication
  • Save time and money

It’s time you improved your incident and inspection reporting processes — and establish your company as a safety leader. Start your free trial of 1st IncidentReporting today. You’ll see how easy reporting can be.