Create and modify Incident Report Forms

1st’s Incident Designer provides system administrators with the ability to create and modify incident report forms, and the fields specific to them as the need arises. This can be done on the fly, without the need for customization by the emAPP team – giving complete autonomy to custom designed incidents that suit your purposes and business processes.

1st's Incident Designer used to create and modify incident report forms

Why your company should be using incident report forms

Many companies have a need for capturing data in the field. Whether it is a field inspection, worksite audit, safety event or near miss, the need to report and notify the right resource is essential to improving business efficiencies. Many companies do not standardize the capture of field data and end up collecting information from various sources; phone, email, excel etc… This makes the data captured very hard to manage and difficult to respond to in a timely manner.

By creating standardized incident report forms, you allow your employees to efficiently report the details that matter while on the job. The incident data can then easily by consolidated and put to good use by generating reports and making improvements within your company.

Modern incident reporting software such as the 1st Incident Reporting Application, allow you to build, modify and customize incident reporting forms on the fly and collect reports from your team in one system.

The tools you need to create successful incident report forms

Because each business process within your organization is slightly different,  the data to be captured in reporting it must also be specific.  For that reason 1st provides easy to use tools to solve your reporting needs:

Create and Modify

1ST’s Incident Designer is the component that is used to create and modify incidents report forms suited to your business processes. Customize each field in a form to ensure the data captured and reported not only reflects, but also evolves with business processes and requirements.

Dependencies, Conditions, Rules & Security

Business processes can be complex and that is why 1st gives you full control over your incident report forms. Create field specific access rules for different members of your team or assign portions of a report to a completely different department within your organization. 1st handles any incident process from simple to complex.

Autonomy and Efficiency

As a manager you ave the ability to modify and create incidents report forms on the fly. Deploy the changes to your teams through the mobile application in real time and never lose track of the data captured again.