Improve Workplace Health and Safety

Create safety checklists and pre-work briefings to ensure your employees get the job done right!

Quickly create and deploy safety checklists

With 1st's Incident Designer you can easily create new checklists for your team and deploy them to your mobile workforce immediately. Don't wait for an app store release again!

With an easy to use interface, customize every report to your need and ensure you get the right data to execute a successful business operation. 

Get notified and approve work processes in real-time

Push and email notifications let you stay in touch with your workforce at all times. Instantly receive notifications when reports are started or submitted and approve your employees actions to allow a seamless workflow.  


Get the full picture with multi-media attachments

Seeing exactly what your employees see in the field allows you to make smarter decisions. With photo, audio, and video attachments, 1st ensures you never miss a detail again.


Generate reports and analyze trends

Extract weekly or monthly reports with 1st and get a deeper understanding of the data you are collecting. View trends and make sure you prevent workplace problems before they occur.

1st's flexible reporting system allows you to automatically build reports suitable for your company's business analysis.


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    Stay connected to your mobile workforce
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    Automate complex job processes
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    Reduce on-site injuries and accidents
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    Organize and extract meaningful data

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