Incident Report Templates

Downloadable Root Cause Analysis Template

We have all faced one situation or another at work where someone or thing was injured (or nearly injured). When incidents arise, we often rise to the challenge and help those in need. But reactive management is only half the battle when it comes to incidents. We need to perform a root cause analysis to […]

Dangerous Situation Report Form (Downloadable PDF Form)

Most workplaces have threats to safety in the form of dangers that can be obvious or worse, unknown. Staff need to actively participate in mitigating these situations on a daily basis. Whether you work in security, healthcare, manufacturing, or another industry, all workplaces have their share of dangerous situations. These dangerous situations need reporting, and […]

A Near Miss Report Template For Employees (Free And Downloadable PDF)

When accidents occur, our first thought is to be reactive in our response to the accident. We attend to injured, secure unsafe conditions, and, of course, call the pertinent authorities when required. But preventing these incidents can save a lot of reactive energy, time, money, and most importantly, avoid injuries. For this purpose, we bring […]

The Security Shift Report (Free And Downloadable)

When you’re trying to run a security firm, we know you’ve got better things to do than try to dream up the documents needed to maintain smooth and efficient operations. Documentation for your security officers to note down their daily activities, patrol reports, and, of course, the shift report all contribute to your organized system […]

Safety Leading Indicator Tracking Form (Download)

In an ever-evolving world, safety in the workplace has become more than just an idea; it’s become a day to day operating reality. Measuring indicators and reacting to calls for improvement is essential in today’s world if a business succeeds. And so, the safety leading indicator facilitates this purpose. The Safety Leading Indicator Form provides […]

The Security Patrol Report Form Template (Free And Downloadable)

During times of turmoil, break-ins and other crimes tend to rise. And in these times of unrest, commercial break-ins can quickly escalate. During the pandemic of 2020, robbery in the United States increased by a significant 27%. Keeping your security presence known is imperative for businesses wishing to maintain stability in troubled times. And a […]

Downloadable Employee / Visitor Screening Form For Office Or Warehouse

In extraordinary times of turmoil, we’re all reminded of the importance of due diligence. Maintaining a healthy and safe facility for your staff and visitors is essential for businesses’ continued operation, pandemic or not. And that’s why using a proper employee or visitor screening questionnaire is vital to a consistent health and safety plan. The […]

Free Downloadable Vehicle Accident Report Form

Managing a large fleet of vehicles is no easy task. Without immense levels of organization within management, it’s easy to let things slip out of control. That’s why having an easy to fill out Vehicle Accident Report Form is an essential step in a controlled and organized fleet management strategy. We’ve built a free and […]

Downloadable Employee Injury Report Form For Timely Reporting

If an injury occurs to someone in the workplace, one of the first things to do after seeking any required medical or emergency personnel is to fill out an employee injury report form.  It will need completion to happen on time.  Adding this to any workplace incident response procedure is a must for businesses who […]