A Property Inspection Report Form You Can Download For Free

If you’re looking for a property inspection report form, something to use to complete your property management field report, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a form here, both free and downloadable,, that you can use for your property inspections. Although it’s geared for use with property management firms, anyone in need of a proper inspection form for a property is welcome to take it for a spin.

A property inspection report form is a document created during a property inspection. It documents the property details, conditions, and even recommended repairs for the property.

Several components need to be included with a property management field report, from outside the property’s exterior to what’s inside.

Included here is a free and downloadable PDF template that you can download right now for your inspection report form. It will allow you to save time on all of those property inspections, allowing you to concentrate more on the inspection itself rather than documentation.

Included In The Inspection Report Form

  • Administrative Information – Administrative information is important for any form, especially one designed for property inspections. It includes contact information at the top of Page 1, which you fill out with your name and company, the reason for inspection, and basic property type.
  • General Property Information – The real estate inspection report form includes information about occupancy status (tenant details might apply in notes), access, violations, connections, and exterior grounds conditions. There is also a notes section at the end where the inspector can write further observations.
  • Appearance And Neighborhood Information – Inspectors can document more general property appearance information and information about the neighborhood in this section. Again there is a section for notes.
  • Main Exterior Structural Information – Included here, the inspector will find more information about the real estate’s main building exterior. The section includes windows, doors, roofs, walls, foundation, decking, and more. Once more, there is a note section at the end as well.

Following on page two of the real estate inspection form:

  • Detached Structure Exterior Information – Similar to the main exterior structural information subject above, this section focuses on the same items but for detached buildings. As with most sections, there is an area for notes at the end where the inspector could note things like a needed repair to the house, building, or apartment’s detached structure.
  • Utilities & Facilities Information – This section of the inspection report includes utility meter information, washroom functionality, and significant appliance information.
  • Basement Information – A short section about the basement is here for your inspector and includes a note section at the end.
  • Interior Information – Lastly, our report has a section where the inspector may detail all the interior information in the report.

How To Use The Downloadable Property Management Field Report

Downloading the property inspection report form here is easy; visit this webpage and download the form to your computer. Once it’s there, you can open the file in any compatible PDF editing software (there are several available) or even print it out for use in the field.

Once you have filled in all of your specific information for the property inspection report at hand, you can either print it out or compile the information into a document.

In the latter case, there is a section on every page for notes where you could make a note about anything that may need further attention or consideration from management regarding property repairs and maintenance.

You’ll find this list of instructions for downloading and using the PDF form easy to follow, along with the inspection report form itself.

To download the free property management field report, click here.

Benefits Of Using A Mobile Property Management Field Report

Whether you’re doing real estate transactions, landlord property inspections, or just doing an annual owner request inspection of a business or even an apartment, having more information is always best.

Maintaining a bunch of paperwork, contact information, lease or rental agreements, tenant’s contract information, client approved schedules for inspections can be tough to do and even harder to keep organized.

Organization and ease of information retrieval are just two benefits of using a mobile property inspection report.

10 More Benefits To Using A Mobile, Cloud-Based Reporting System

1. The use of a mobile property inspection report reduces the risk of misplacing or losing paperwork

2. A mobile property management field report can be uploaded to an online database for storage, reducing the risk of data loss and minimizing time spent transferring information from one medium to another

3. The form can be filled out on your phone while out performing inspections, then stored in its entirety or edited later at your convenience

4. You could even scan and upload photos while taking notes about potential repairs and maintenance needs with this application

5. It’s easy to transfer content from a paper clipboard-based form to a digital form using our app – you simply hold up your phone camera near your clipboard and take a shot (or better yet, fill out the form directly in the app).

6. Inspection scheduling is made more accessible with the management field report – you can create a block of time for all inspections in your area and see which ones are coming up.

7. Don’t worry about having to print out paper forms while using our app! This mobile property inspection report is designed for use on any compatible smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows devices).

8. You’ll have access to a database for uploading and storing all the information you need. And anyone authorized in your system can also access the reports, so collaboration is built right in.

9. You can store content and share it with other employees or managers so that nothing gets lost. And set up notifications, so the right person is automatically notified when needed.

10. The easy-to-use incident reporting app is now available on both Google Play and The Apple App Store, making it even easier to get your efficiency up and your reporting digital.

Increasing Operational Efficiency With Mobile Reporting Applications

We understand that with your business, time is money. Delays in any area can be costly and inefficient for your business.

Completing property inspections takes up a large portion of time for those tasked to do them, and it’s even worse when you have to go looking for the information required to do them correctly

We’ve put together a customizable mobile app for you to help ease the time it takes to complete your property inspections.

It will allow you to store client contact details, client address and location information, tenant or client-specific lease or rental agreement information (and other important historical data) all in one place and organized for easy retrieval.

This feature is one of several customizable features we offer to make your job easier. Others include:

  • Customizable template builder – make the checklist, form, or audit template of your dreams with the fully customizable drag and drop template builder.
  • Automated communications – allow the right people to get messaged when a specific report or other event is triggered in the system. All customizable to your inspection report or other form requirements.
  • Multimedia friendly – a document says what you write, but a picture or video speaks a thousand words or more. Upload your audio, video, or images directly into your reports for ultimate reporting management and control.

5 Tips For Inspecting Properties With Existing Tenants

1. Get access to the property before the tenant moves in or out – if you want to inspect a property with an existing tenant, make sure you have accessibility and contact them in writing at least 24 hours in advance.

2. Avoid asking tenants questions that require more than a yes or no answer – A tenant may not want to answer questions about their living situation for fear of reprisal from the landlord.

3. Ask for permission before entering any bedrooms or bathrooms. You should just ask for permission before entering any bedrooms or bathrooms, even if it seems like an apparent request, and even if you’ve previously provided the tenant with notice, their unit is to be inspected. Remember that as the inspector, you must not only do a good job inspecting the premises despite the apparent limitations of an occupied unit, but the inspector must also act followingnecessary their sufficient responsibilities of proper conduct.

4. Be conscious of your security and privacy policies – Property inspections are usually not done without prior notice, so be aware of how this affects your company’s security and privacy policies.

5. Get ready to address any damages or tenant complaints – You should get familiar with your property inspection report template requirements before heading to the property. If you have no idea what it should include, download our Inspection Report Form today!

Mobile App Reporting Solution At Your Service

“I’ve worked in property management for over 20 years and I can’t imagine how I would have handled all the inspections without [1st Incident Reporting’s] convenient and comprehensive inspection app. It has been a lifesaver.” Lisa L – Real Property Manager.

Lisa again says, “What would you expect from an incident reporting mobile app company? Great apps, of course! We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with 1st Incident Reporting.”

These are some things you could be saying after giving our customizable reporting solution a test run.

And don’t forget, here are some of the things you’ll be able to do with our property inspection report template:

  • Upload videos or images directly into your report for ultimate reporting control
  • Create an incident notification plan to ensure the right people are notified when your reports are triggered.

If you’re looking for a way to simplify and streamline your property inspections, look no further than 1st Incident Reporting’s Property Inspection Report Form. And if you’re ready to take your reporting to the next level, then try our customizable incident reporting app today.

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