Incident Reporting Softwares: The answer to your daily work problems!

On a job site accidents are not only expected but unfortunately also commonplace. This does not mean that we need to accept them as a fact of life. Accidents cost time, money and even lives. Therefore it is essential that we do everything in our power to reduce their frequency and severity.

Using incident reporting mobile application forms like the one offered by 1st Incident Reporting helps site management to pin-point the most frequent places and causes of an accident which in turn will allow them to put in place protective measures and reduce the possibility of those incidents reoccurring.

But that is not the only benefit of using incident reporting software. Of course, every software is different and offers various benefits but main features remain the same. Such as:

  • Incident reporting software allows you to reduce the response time as well as minimize personnel involved, maximizing efficiency and communication.
  • Many of the basic details such as location, time, date, etc., are filled in automatically allowing the user to focus on the more important aspects of reporting.
  • It incorporates images, video and audio taken at the site of the incident into the report making it into one flowing document you can view at a glance.
  • As it is an automatically prompted report that is standardized for all users, errors and bad data reporting is reduced, which creates best practices for standard reporting procedures.
  • Report submission is instant and all the necessary parties have instant access to the information, no more duplicate reports, spam box searches and waiting for slow servers to load new emails.
  • Most apps are accessible from smartphones, tablets and desktops/laptops so no matter where you are when the incident happens, you and your team are able to view the details instantly, assess the situation, and dispatch the necessary personnel/action requests minimizing the damage, cost and response time, making your sites more efficient in the overall.

Incident reporting in the workplace is an important and mandatory function of safety and compliance in human resources and EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) management. While the paperwork is daunting, the incident reporting mobile application form takes away the hassle and all the downsides that come with having to fill out a paper report. It provides comprehensive records of historical incidents as well as template forms to ensure that all the necessary data goes on record in a standardized manner easy to review and draw necessary conclusions from.

Most apps are very intuitive to use and require very little initial training which allows your staff to use the app quickly and efficiently instead of wasting time on figuring out how to work it.

1st Incident Reporting is one of the leading incident reporting mobile application forms and now they are offering a FREE trial of their app! So sign up today to find out how you can benefit from 1st Incident Reporting Mobile app!