Robust Security Reporting Software

Security incident reporting software with the flexibility to work around the needs of any job site. 1st Security Guard Tracking Software provides accurate reports, timely logs, and customizable security incident reporting packaged inside an accessible application for desktop and mobile devices.

Security Guard Patrol

The Security reporting tool that will benefit your business.

On-Site Incident Reporting

Security agency reporting software accurately logs the details of vandalism, break-ins, injuries, and other hazardous situations with footage on-site. Collect key details for a comprehensive analysis of threats from either desktop or mobile devices.

Scheduled Patrol Reporting

Schedule inspections, perimeter checks and more in real-time. Utilize NFC-tagged devices placed at strategic locations.

Shift Reports

A flexible application to check in and out of shifts with added location tracking. 1st Security Guard Dispatch Software captures accurate time and attendance records to reduce compliance risks with regard to local overtime laws.

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