3 Moments Where Municipal Workers Wished there were an App for that.

Running a city is tough, and with so many cogs in the machine that is municipal work, there’s bound to be issues that need addressing. From road work to utilities to inspections and special services, your town needs a large force to make sure everything doesn’t fall apart from one day to the next. If you work for the city, it’s really rewarding and it’s a great way to feel like you’re giving back to your community. But let’s face it. every municipal worker will stumble onto a situation, roll their eyes and think “I’m going to hear about this one later”. But sometimes, what can you really do when your department doesn’t handle your discovery and you’re not quite sure how to reach who does?

Let’s see if you can identify with these special moments.

Oh so trashy.

Garbage, everyone has it, but no one wants to see it. There’s plenty of reasons why your town could be facing unsightly trash. Workforce strikes, a sanitation officer misses a beat or even the local critters can show up and make a mess of things. One thing’s for sure, if there’s garbage where there isn’t supposed to be garbage, you’re probably going to hear about it. So before the flood of angry calls come in, wouldn’t it be great to hit a button and alert the right people so they can take action?

All jammed up.

Yes, road work and traffic; the cause of blaring horns, increased blood pressure and many choice words escaping drivers’ lips. And even if traffic is for all intents, unavoidable, it doesn’t mean your municipal work force will get used to hearing about it. Getting constantly pulled aside by people asking you when road works will be finished isn’t fun, especially when you’re an administrative assistant for a completely different department, so you have no idea. Luckily, although inescapable, some traffic blunders are reportable, so a |see it and send it” app would be great here too.

The power that be.

Seriously, how angry do power outages get people, it’s right up there with traffic isn’t it? Issues with outages could be from any number of sources so it makes it harder to pinpoint and act on. Weather, vandalism and those same critters from the section on sanitation could be the culprits too. But if you’re out there and you see a downed tree hanging from some power lines, wouldn’t it be great if you knew who to call? Whatever the case, loss of power really eats people up and can cause businesses to lose income, so a handy app to report these incidents would save everyone some headaches.