Why Municipal Workers need a Mobile Office

Mobile office for municipal workers

It shouldn’t come as a shock to most of you, but there are seemingly endless facets involved in running a municipality. This means it takes a huge number of skilled workers just to maintain a town and keep things running smoothly. Of course we’re not saying that you should budget everyone for  new laptop. But consider what happens to a town every single day. Potholes, vandalism, traffic, accidents, downed power lines, you get the idea right? Before each one of these gets addressed, they need to be reported. Consider the average response time for any service  that has is dispatched from the time they are actually told there is an incident to report. We’re talking about a week or two here. What if I were to tell you that by empowering key members of your municipal work force, you can cut that down to a few days or less?

The point of the mobile office isn’t to overhaul your IT department; it’s about applying key technologies to create a network for easier communication. Giving an accessible system to your eyes and ears who are on the job each day. Imagine what your traffic control officers, tree trimmers and electrical line workers see each day. Now think of what more they can do if you trust them to make sure that their town will take immediate action.

With a few phones and a couple of apps, you can have a watchdog network that can give you vital information faster than anything you’ve used before. Because not only are you inviting your workers to be more active in working with admin teams, you’ve essentially done three jobs in one: Noticing, reporting and filing.

Sure, everyone has phones and can call things in, but when you’re on the job, you don’t necessarily have time to play phone tag, there are things to do. So what about an app that can snap a photo of a broken tree branch or other safety hazard that you can fire off to the exact person who can act on it, all in mere seconds? That’s the beginning of a brand new direction in handling incident reporting in municipal services.

What does your town use to report on municipal incidents?