Write this down: Your On-site Team needs to Ditch the Pen and Paper.


It’s 2017, so it should go without saying, but companies need to join the leaders in the industry and arm their workers with technology. Simple mobile tools will help them communicate faster, more independently and more efficiently than their current measures. There are many reasons why some companies choose to keep their measures as archaic as they are, but most of them come from a history of doing what works and going with it.

This “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality stubbornly fails to look at the big picture, which will inevitably cause problems at some point. Even small companies need to be as effective as possible, but it’s the end goal that you need to look at. If your end game is the growth of your company and you shrug your shoulders at the thought of introducing tech to streamline your procedures, you’re in for a big surprise.

Let’s take your average security guard company. They halve half a dozen guards operating at a few sites and they’re armed with a notepad and maybe a cellphone or walkie-talkie. Now we’re not judging their ability to do their job, but we will judge their ability to communicate updates to other people. Think about it, what are they supposed to do if they spot a maintenance issue or similar incident where action is needed. It’s 2AM so he can’t call anyone so to the best of his ability he jots down what he sees. He then hands it off at the office or to the next security guard on shift. And by the way, the average person will retain far less information when they take notes.

How long do you think until the person who needs to action this problem gets it? How accurate is the info after it’s been changed hands two to three times? What if they have follow up questions?

See what I mean?

The same goes for municipal and construction workers. You’re not going to drop what you’re doing, take off your work gloves and start scribbling down a report. You’re also not going to try and call someone with all that noise. Besides, who would you call? This is all to reinforce a simple statement that you headstrong and traditionalists need to hear:

Come on guys, there’s an app for that!

Whether you need to take notes, send info, take pictures or communicate reports to specific people or departments, there is a sea of beautiful, easy-to-use and budget-friendly tools that help your on-site team instantly capture information, send it and move on with their jobs. That’s right, something that might have taken days to be communicated just took 2 minutes. And in business, it’s the numbers that count!

Streamlining your workers is something every entrepreneur needs to get a handle on early so the technology can grow with you.