Why Keeping your Security Force Connected is Important.

On site security is a lot more than just having a few boots on the ground to keep an eye on things. It’s a demanding and multifaceted service that has a lot of important functions, so finding skilled personnel and equipping them with the right tools is the best way to get the job done right. Many security companies and corporations opt to go big in terms of tech overhauls and spring for cameras, expensive two-way phones and other monitoring and communication tools.

Is it overkill? Maybe. But filling a need shouldn’t always be about breaking the bank, and some apps can do a surprising amount for your security team. Here are some common improvements made possible by with mobile reporting tools.

Empowering security

Your security force has a lot on their plate. Being on your feet and consistently vigilant takes a lot of endurance, making daily admin and reporting tasks easier can help take the pressure off and keep them focused on the task at hand.

Much needed upgrade

Flashlight, check. Walkie-talkie, check. Gear is important, but when it comes to the paperwork, a lot of security companies are just that: paper and work. Reporting apps can be a valuable leg up for personnel and help them keep cleaner and more effective documentation of each shift, every day.

Superior Monitoring

Many apps carry snapshot features that allow you to instantly take photos and send them as reports to different departments. These easily actionable alerts can cut down on time lost from many misfiled, lost or incomplete reports and offer enough clarity to  virtually eliminate the back and forth caused by unclear documentation.

Quick Response

If you’re connected, you’re live. Give your on-site staff the power to instantly report incidents and offer offsite teams access to up-to-date information and detailed incident accounts so they can come in prepared. Live reporting also eliminates a lot of delays caused by data entry and processing so little time is lost.

If you think about it, it’s worth your while to research new technologies and smart software that can keep your company as cutting edge as possible. And with many of them available on mobile devices, you’re sure to find some great tools to keep your security team as effective as possible.